Wine Box Ceremony

Many of you have inquired about the “Wine Box Ceremony”, sometimes referred to as “Love Letter Ceremony”.  In response we have come up with our own little twist on the ceremony that not only gives you more wine (who doesn’t want that) but also allows others – whether it be parents, best man, maid of honor, or other important people in your lives – to get involved.

This is not a strict guide – but just some ideas to get you started.

What you will need:

  • the two of you
  • 2 other people or groups of people (his and her parents for example)
  • 3 bottles of wine (You pick one as a couple – and whoever else you choose to involve picks out the other 2)
  • a Wine for a Wedding box

What you do:

  • You and your soon to be significant other will write a note to each other in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  Include your thoughts, emotions, dreams for the future, etc.
  • The 2 other people or groups you select will also compose notes to you as a couple about how proud, excited, happy they are for you and their own thoughts and advice they have for you as you transition to married life.
  • During the ceremony the officiant will say something like this:

    “Like good wine, a great love will deepen and mature with age.  As a part of today’s ceremony, _____ and _____ have captured their thoughts leading up to this day in personal notes to each other.  Also they have asked their parents (or best man / maid of honor or other loved ones) to compose notes as well, containing their thoughts and their most important piece of advice to the couple as they journey through life together.  These notes will now be sealed in this box to be opened and shared together with a bottle of wine on a future anniversary celebration.

    It is at this time I would ask the parents to come forward and place their note and a bottle of wine inside this box. These messages and wine will be shared by _______ and ________  on their 1st and 5th anniversaries.

    And I now ask that ______ and _______ place their notes to each other with a bottle of wine they have selected to share on their 10th anniversary celebration.  On that joyous day ______, ___ 20XX they will get to reflect on the events and emotions they shared on this wonderful day.  They can also reminisce about all of the wonderful memories they will have made over the last ten years and dream of all of those yet to come.

    I will now seal the box.”

  • The officiant will then seal the lids with the provided seals (or if you really want to limit peeking you can use some nails).  You will have your wine selections already made – along with some great advice and memories to share – for 3 future anniversary celebrations.

You can pick your box design from those on our site (for your inside customization you can put your future anniversary dates) or you can always contact us about a custom design. We can use graphics from your wedding or invitations or an engagement photo to create a box especially for your big day. Email us at for more information.

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